As a nail salon in Springfield MO, we offer a variety of nails and esthetician services. Please click on the individual links to learn more about our services.

Nail Services


A pedicure is a treatment of the lower legs, feet, and toenails. All of our pedicures include moisturizing the feet, trimming of the toenails, and removal of dead skin around the feet. Pedicures are important for the health and beauty of the feet. Pedicures will leave your feet feeling smooth and soft. At Jessica’s Nails, we offer basic pedicures, deluxe pedicures, pearl spa pedicures, and paraffin pedicures. Each pedicure type varies in price and the type of products used. For more information on our pedicures, click here.


Manicures are used to treat the fingernails, lower arms, and hands. For a manicure, we moisturize your hands, clean up the cuticles around your nails, massage your lower arms, and trim/shape your fingernails. We can also apply nail polish. Basic and deluxe manicures can be performed and they differ on the types of products used. Click here for more information on manicures.

Acrylic (Artificial) Nails

There are a variety of artificial nails that vary in price and style. When looking for a nail salon in Springfield MO for your next new set of acrylics, it’s important to look for professionalism and cleanliness. At Jessica’s Nails, only our most senior technicians perform acrylic nails because of the advanced techniques used. Among our artificial nail services, we perform solar nails, pink and white, full-colored acrylics, colored tips, white tips, overlays, and fills. Please visit this page for more information on our services.

Polishes, Designs, and Finishes

We offer a variety of polishes to be used on acrylics, manicures, and pedicures. Among our popular choices are gel polish (commonly referred to as Shellac) and dip powder. Both of these polish types are longer lasting than basic polish — also offered by Jessica’s Nails. A French Tip is a popular nail style. The French Tip consists of a white nail tip with a pinker color for the nail bed. For gel polish, we can also do chrome colors and matte finishes. For basic polishes, we also offer transition polish (polish that change in colors). We have also done a variety of ombre colors. Additionally, we frequently do nail designs such as flowers, snowflakes, holiday-themed items. Please check our gallery for more examples of our work. If you have a particular design in mind, bring us a picture and we’ll see what we can do.

Waxing Services

At Jessica’s Nails, we’re not only a nail salon in Springfield MO, but we also perform esthetician services! We’re licensed to perform facial waxing services. Some of our common services include eyebrows, lips, and chins. Waxing is generally available during normal business hours.